• Rachel Tsao - Enterprise Product Leader


    Hello! I'm Rachel Tsao. I currently live in San Francisco.


    For the last 9 years, I have been building expertise in software as a service.


    I currently lead Integrations product strategy at Talkdesk, leading a team of product managers and engineers to build tools to improve customer satisfaction and agent productivity.


    Before that, I became an expert at organizing enterprise data, leading product management for the award winning Customer 360 product at Reltio for 2 years.


    Prior to that, I helped build a new product line from scratch (Community Cloud), owning Community Builder, Feed, Groups and Files at Salesforce for 3 years and growing the user base from 0 to over 100M users.


    I honed my product skills at some great companies including Priceline, Evernote, Capital One, and J.P. Morgan.


    I began my career in technology strategy for luxury hotels in Dubai



    Projects I've worked on in my free time.

    Walmart Simple Text

    Winner, Walmart Grand Prize | Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon 2015



    Built solution for in-store customer service using SMS. Featured in Techcrunch, RetailWeek and numerous retail publications. Walmart will be building out and implementing my solution.







    New York, NY


    • Automatic and customizable phone call reminder system for Government and Non-Profit customers. Syncs with Google Calendar and makes automatic phone calls out to clients.
    • Current contract with NYC City Government.
    • Winner of NYC Financial Empowerment Hackathon in March 2013.


  • Resume

    Please contact me at racheltsao8@gmail.com for my latest resume.

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