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Congee Brunch with Chef Rob Lam

This was seriously the brunch of my dreams

Had seriously the most incredible congee brunch today for a mere $15 for a bowl. Chef Rob Lam of Butterfly popped up a congee menu and it exceeded my expectations with its amazing flavor and creativity. There was pomegranate in congee!

My friend Julie and I nursed our Sunday selves back to health with an incredible menu of three types of jook. For those of you not familiar, this is a type of Asian porridge and my favorite comfort food.

The Menu

  • rock shrimp and crab (with XO chile sauce, crab-uni butter, century egg) 
  • smoked duck (with duck leg confit, pomegranate, salty duck egg) 
  • vegetarian (poached farm egg, cilantro and kale pesto, bamboo pith, pickles) 

Rock Shrimp and Crab

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